Tips for sending your little ones back to nursery with confidence.

Going back to nursery can bring both anxiety and excitement for your children, as they look forward to going back and seeing their friends, but worry about leaving you and all the fun they’ve had at home. Here is a list of things you can do to help boost your Child Opening His Bagchild’s confidence before they head back to nursery…

  • Remind your child about all the fun they had in their last year, or if they’re just starting, tell them about all the fun they’ll have.
  • Take your child shopping for back to school supplies, letting them pick their own backpack or coat.
  • Ask them about their worries, and address them head on. Perhaps tell them about what you remember from when you went, what worried you, and how different it was to what you’d thought.

Try these tips to put your child’s mind at ease, helping them to make their first day back a good one.