Learning & Development

Aims of the Little Angels Day Nursery

The nursery is for parents who not only want their children to feel happy and secure, but who also want their children to develop both socially and pre-educationally. To ensure we achieve this we have the following aims:

  • To provide a pleasant and secure family atmosphere for the child’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.
  • To provide a welcoming and fun atmosphere, where mutual trust and good communication can be fostered between staff, parents and children.
  • To provide an environment that is mentally and physically stimulating, encouraging children to maximise their potential for development, with emphasis on learning through play, having fun and fulfilling the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • To ensure that a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene and safety is maintained throughout the nursery at all times.
  • To develop and support staff to ensure they are well qualified, confident and at all times sensitive to the needs of children.
  • To respect children as individuals and respect cultural diversity, encouraging equal opportunities at all times.

My thanks to all the staff at Little Angels for making Ben’s time here so happy. He made lots of friends at Little Angels and the staff were always friendly and welcoming.

Helen Campbell, Coventry Road

Exploring the world

Whilst the children feel happy and secure within the walls of Little Angels, we think it is important that they see a bit more of the world. We do take them out on regular trips to places such as the local park, library, shops or train station. We also have an annual nursery trip to a variety of places such as Twycross Zoo or local farm parks. Parents will be given as much notice as possible and we will always ask for your permission in writing beforehand. Parents may be asked to pay reasonable fares incurred on behalf of the children to cover transportation or admission fees where appropriate. We ensure that any transport hired has seat-belts and appropriate insurance and that staffing ratios are maintained throughout any trip.

Learning through play

The nursery is committed to the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the children in our care. We provide a well-planned curriculum of varied activities, which are age and stage appropriate. Staff also carry out regular observations on your child to ensure that their individual development needs are fulfilled recognising that each child is an individual and will develop at their own pace. Our emphasis is on learning through play, which is the recommended style of learning for pre-school children and follows the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We chose Little Angels because when we were shown around, all the staff were friendly and welcoming and there was a warm and happy atmosphere. Our daughter is very happy at Little Angels.

Emma and Stuart Hamlin, Stockwell Close.