At Little Angels Day Nursery the safety and security of all the children in our care is our key priority. As a result, we have implemented rigorous procedures to ensure that your child is safe and happy with us.

Ofsted praised our high standards of child safety in their latest report and concluded that Little Angels offered:

Children are developing respect and building good relationships with their peers. Children behave well. This is because staff have clear expectations of appropriate behaviour.

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Little Angels has invested in the NurseryCam system and has CCTV cameras in each area which record 24 hours a day. In addition to the security this provides for the nursery, these cameras also enable parents to “drop in” via a secure login at any time during their child’s day/ session of attendance.

These cameras help reassure parents by letting them see for themselves how happy their child is at nursery.

I really appreciate having the webcam. Leaving your child crying occasionally is very hard, but by checking the webcam when you get to work and seeing they are actually fine is priceless.

Fingerprint access

Little Angels also has a fingerprint access system allowing parents to access the nursery during designated nursery hours. Again, this is a secure system with a print of each parent’s fingerprints taken to allow access. That means that parents can enter securely and independently and don’t need to ring buzzers or wait for doors to be opened.

Risk assessment

Little Angels has a comprehensive set of risk assessments. These are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the nursery and the activities that take place within it are safe and secure.

Little Angels also subscribes to Wirehouse Health and Safety systems. This ensures that we are up to date with current legislation. All health and safety systems are inspected annually to ensure full compliance.