Making Smoothies

Our Preschool children had lots of fun this morning making their own smoothies. The children carefully cut the fruit into small pieces, they could choose from pineapple, raspberries,  blueberries, kiwi, bananas, mango and strawberries. The children were encouraged to fill the blender with the chosen fruit and they then poured the tropical or apple/raspberry juice into the blender also.

When the blender was switched on some of the children found it a little noisy, so they covered their ears with their hands and giggled. Once the blender had stopped some of the children then carefully poured the smoothie into plastic cups and began to drink it. The children said it was very tasty and they very much enjoyed it, even the children who would normally not be that keen on eating fruit really enjoyed the taste of the smoothie.


Well done to everyone, looks like you all had great fun.