Tips to help your child overcome fussy eating.

Is your child a fussy eater? If so, here are a few tips to help them overcome it.

Meal times can become a very stressful time for parents if their children are fussy or reluctant to eat anything so we’ve found some tips for you that can make meal times a much more relaxing, fun time and to encourage your child to eat.

–          Colour: Having bright colours on your child’s plate will be much more appealing to the child and also healthier for them.

–          Perk your child’s interest: Try to base your child’s meals on their interests. For example, if your child likes stars then you could cut                    their vegetables in to a star shape or if your child’s favourite animal is a duck, you could be them duck shape sandwiches.

–          Make the food sound exciting: Acting like you’re excited about the food will encourage them to be excited about eating it. Give the food  fun names such as green trees for broccoli.

–          Change the way you serve food: Making the food look different on the plate will intrigue the children and make them want to try it. It                doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just putting fruit on a stick instead of on the plate should do it.

–          Let your child help: Letting your child help you make dinner or letting them decide what they want for dinner or for dessert will make               them want to eat it because it’s something they want or they will be proud that they’ve made it.

All of these tips should help your child overcome their fussy eating or at least make them more enthusiastic about meal times.Child Eating Salad