Changes in secondary education in Harborough

A consultation has decided that the merging of Robert Smyth and Welland Park Academies to form one 11-19 school is not financially viable. However, since the consultation there have been several significant developments for secondary education, and so governors at both academies have agreed that it is the right time to reorganise secondary education in Market Harborough for the future.

The proposed model, to commence in September 2016 will see the age ranges of both academies changing, with Welland Park Academy’s age range changing from 11-14 to 11-16 and Robert Smyth Academy changing from 14-19 to 11-19.

This change will remove the transition between Key Stage 3 and 4 in each academy, allowing for better relationships between students, teachers and parents.

The final decision on the proposal will be subject to the approval of the Secretary of State for Education, and a full consultation of all stakeholders will be conducted in summer 2014, with the governors taking all views into consideration when making their decision.

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