Prepare your child for their first day

With your child soon to be starting school or nursery it’s necessary for both of you to be prepared for how the first day might go. Here are Little Angels’ tips for how to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible…

  1. Try and visit their new nursery or school before the day. Meeting the teachers and knowing what your child will be doing will make it easier for you to say goodbye for the day, reducing anxiety that your child could pick up on.
  2. Talk through what will happen in the school day with your child – ask about any worries they might have and ask about what they’re most looking forward to.
  3. BBC’s My Story Online site can help you to outline a typical day at nursery or school, helping your child know what to expect, for example when they will eat, if there is a nap time etc.
  4. Make sure your child knows where and how they can behave – show them where the toilet is and where they can hang their belongings, and let them know that if they need anything they should ask the teacher.
  5. Remember that your child will probably be tired by the end of the day, so instead of asking questions as soon as they get home, allow them some quiet time.

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